The TBMBR event is a way to honor Tom Butler, of Guthrie, Texas. Butler was an 18-year-old Texas Tech University student when his life was tragically ended in a vehicle accident in February 2006. Butler was one of the shining stars of the cowboy and ranching community, having earned many awards and titles in ranch rodeos and horse competitions, as well as athletic and scholastic activities.

Even though he had yet to reach his 20th birthday, Butler was already a legend in many respects. He was one of those rare individuals that had a memorable, positive impact on everyone he met, young and old. He lived life with infectious passion and purpose, with the wisdom of someone three times his age. At the young age of 17 he prophetically wrote: “We focus so much on what we’re waiting for that we miss or forget to appreciate what we have.”

Providing financial assistance to college bound seniors showing interest and promise in continuing their education in a collegiate, trade, or vocational program at a brick and mortar recognized college, university, or technical college.

Tom Butler WRCA 2005

Event Purpose

From 2006–2009 Scholarship awards increased from 5 to 31 totaling $60,000.

Along with continuing the legacy of Tom Butler, the main focus of the TBMBR is to raise enough funds to keep the event going and continue providing financial assistance to individuals wanting to pursue higher education. Tom attended college funded by scholarships and this is a way to give that back and keep his dream alive.

Event Growth

From 2006 to 2010 the TBMBR has been through significant growth and change. There continues to be a large increase each year in the number of volunteers that help to make this event possible. Volunteerism and all our wonderful supporters made this event the success that it is. The TBMBR venue was changed from Seymour, TX to Post, TX in 2008 to support the growth and make the event locale more appealing. Post is now the official home of the TBMBR.

 In 2006 the TBMBR created its own ‘Ridin’ High Butler Style’ apparel line, including t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, etc. The apparel line is always popular at every event and purchased throughout the year. A signature t-shirt is designed for each annual event. All proceeds from apparel sales goes to the scholarship fund.

Pat Butler pictured at the 2009 TBMBR

 In 2008 vendor booths were added to the event. That number doubled from 7 to 14 at the 2009 event.

 Because of the tremendous growth in the event the TBMBR Scholarships have increased every year. Since 2006, the TBMBR has awarded scholarships to every applicant who has applied.

 The TBMBR is one small way to keep the memory of Tom alive. Make plans for the 2010 TBMBR to be in Post, Texas on October 16th to be a part of this special event. Donations to the TBMBR scholarship fund are always accepted and appreciated.